What to Read

If you're preparing to travel for the holidays, or are up all night snuggling a baby who will only sleep if held, you may be in need of some book recommendations.

Right now I'm about half way through Matthew Zapruder's Why PoetryThe book reads like a thoughtful collection of essays (with some personal narrative connective tissue) that address why and how we all should read poetry. For those of us who write as well there is quite a bit to digest in terms of how we approach our own poems as well. I haven't finished yet, so I can't say a ton about the book, but if you want something with more substance for a long plane ride this would be a pretty decent choice. Or grab his latest book of poetry Come On All You Ghosts for those shorter flights back to see Grandma.

In a similar vein I also readYou, Too, Could Write A Poem by David Orr. This is a traditional collection of essays, which makes it a perfect choice for times when you have to stop reading to act like a functional person. I'm becoming a real convert to essays and short stories, since I feel like can accomplish a full reading experience while also being able to stop and change a diaper and take my kiddo to preschool without losing my place.

Need a pocket size collection of poems for an over stuffed bag or pocket? Pick up Don't Call us Dead or Good BonesGood Bones

Carrying books not an option? Try Audible. Audiobooks are great, but you probably already know that.

Tired of poems at the moment and just want to get lost in some fiction. I recently finished the YA series The Lunar Chronicles. I've snagged a copy of Tod Goldberg'sGangster Nation (sequel to Gangsterland)for my murder and mob boss fix.

If none of those fit you're reading needs then maybe you can sit down and read some poetry submissions like I need to do!