Poetry Favorites: Kimberly Ann Southwick

Who is your favorite living poet?

I couldn't possibly pick just one. But, gun to my head, if you forced me... Robert Hass-- his body of work is so vast. All the contemporary poets I read more regularly than I read Gilbert are all so great that I couldn't really choose between them, so it's easier to pick someone with an immense and excellent body of work, like Hass.


Who is your favorite dead poet? 

Jack Gilbert

What is your favorite poem of all time? 

"Directive" by Robert Frost


Current book of poetry you can’t get out of your mind? 

I read Corey Zeller's Man Vs. Sky & Matt Rasmussen's Black Aperture both pretty close to one another-- Zeller's is a collection of prose poems from the point of view of his friend who committed suicide, and Rasmussen's is a collection of poems about his brother's suicide many years ago. They're both kind of singing a melody through my brain in tangent.


Best live, or audio, poetry reading you can remember.

Alice Notley read at Rowan University in 2011 and then at AWP Chicago 2012-- she was absolutely wonderful both times, especially, though, in Chicago.

Kimberly Ann Southwickis the founder and editor in chief of the biannual print literary arts journal Gigantic Sequins. Her second poetry chapbook efs & vees comes out summer 2015 from Hyacinth Girl Press. Visit her online here, and follow her on twitter, too: @kimannjosouth // buy every song by patsy cline, her chapbook out in 2014 from dancing girl press, here.