Poetry Favorites: Christina Stoddard

Who is your favorite living poet?

My favorite living poet is Traci Brimhall. Both Rookery and Our Lady of the Ruins make my Stuck on a Desert Island list.


Who is your favorite dead poet?

Among the dear departed, for me the most beloved is Philip Levine. His books are a major reason why I became a poet.

What is your favorite poem of all time?

As my favorite poem of all time, I’ll choose the one I recite to myself the most often, which is “Epistle to Be Left in the Earth” by Archibald MacLeish. It’s the first poem I ever memorized and still a poem I am utterly in love with. MacLeish himself had a fascinating career as an arts activist. He was also the first Librarian of Congress to appoint what is now known as the United States Poet Laureate.

 Current book of poetry you can’t get out of your mind?

Current book of poetry I can’t get out of my mind: truthfully, there are at least a dozen. But top of the pile right now is Split by Cathy Linh Che. It's beautiful and brutal all at once.

Best live, or audio, poetry reading you can remember.

Best live poetry reading? Nikky Finney brings it like no one else. If you get the chance, go hear her.

Christina Stoddardis the author of Hive, winner of the 2015 Brittingham Prize in Poetry (University of Wisconsin Press). Christina’s work has appeared in various journals including storySouthDIAGRAM, and Spoon River Poetry Review. She is an Associate Editor at Tupelo Quarterly and a Contributing Editor at Cave Wall. Originally from Tacoma, WA, Christina currently lives in Nashville, TN where she is the managing editor of a scholarly journal in economics and decision theory.

Website: http://www.christinastoddard.com/

Twitter: @belles_lettres