Poetry Favorites: Camerone Thorson

Who is your favorite living poet?

Mary Oliver/Annie Finch– it’s a toss.

Who is your favorite dead poet?

Shakespeare/Vassar Miller and Michelangelo (yes, THAT Michelangelo) are a close second and third.

What is your favorite poem of all time?

“Apple” – Brad Leithauser (From Toad to a Nightingale, light verse by Brad Leithauser, Drawings by Mark Leithauser (2007)

Fruit of the tree of knowledge?

Boil it down

With sugar and a pinch of cinnamon –

You’re left with an old-fashioned synonym

For nonsense: Applesauce. That’s all. For this we lost

Our digs in Paradise, yielded the crown

Of Heaven to dig a cold and moldy grave?

Bright Eve learned nothing– save

That education isn’t worth the cost.

Current book of poetry you can’t get out of your mind?

The new novel by Jill Essbaum Hausfrau which is classified as a novel but could be read as poetry (imo).

Best live, or audio, poetry reading you can remember.

Would have to be Jay Z in Vegas two years ago. Hands down.