An Excerpt from My Review of A Week with Beijing

A Week with Beijing by Meg Eden

Pages: 32

Publisher: Neon Books

Released: 2015

A Week with Beijing, the fourth collection from Meg Eden, chronicles the trip of two women, one a foreigner and the other a personification of Beijing, China. Together the women experience day-to-day life in one of the largest, most populated cities, in the world.

The collection walks a line between the personal, unique, experience everyone has while traveling and universal issues of culture, assimilation and individuality. No poem better exemplifies this duality than “Beijing Burns CDs.” The speaker of the poem observes (which is much of her function throughout the collection) a woman- “Beijing”- selling burned CDs, and she says “Maybe I expect her to grab me/the way the market women took me/like a wishbone, fighting for the larger/piece. Maybe I expect a price.” Beijing heartbreakingly responds “If I have/a daughter, I will have to kill her.”

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