2017 In Review

Normally this time of year I am putting out the latest issue, sending cards, and enjoying some quiet time with family. We have been given a lot to celebrate this year, from the largest number of submissions ever, to the success of our editing service, to-most excitingly-the birth of our son.

As with any growth and change there are challenges. The honor of being trusted to edit submitters poetry and fiction has left me both proud and speechless. I take pride in treating your writing the way I do my own, or that of my friends. Because of our expanded services I can now offer free contributor copies and offer prizes for contests without paying for these things out of my personal money, as has been the case in the past. We truly have become a community of writers helping to support other writers.

This year hasn't been without its challenges. I have personally had some medical issues, compounded with the pregnancy, that has slowed down our response time. I can now say I'm proficient in self administering blood thinning injections and I can handle pelvic surgery like a bad ass. Since this is a one woman operation every personal hurdle I have unfortunately reflects in the speed of work here. Every time I feel the squeeze, when I feel pressed and overwhelmed, I come across a gracious and understanding writer. I do this for you, but more and more I keep find that this network of writers I am now connected to is good and kind and I am thankful for that.

Along with the bumps I was able to lecture and represent SFP at the Castle Rock Writers Conference. We've also seen a large number of past contributors publish books of their own this year. Please support Marlena ChertockMichael Brosnan,  Iris LittDevon BalwitAlina StefanescuLauren SuchenskiDarren Demaree and purchase their books or request them at your local library (if I missed your book shout it out in the comments so I can add it to the list!).

In the coming month Issue 14 will be live, giving me the pleasure to feature both brand new poets and several past contributors. Those of you who have submitted work for feedback will also be getting your notesand the schedule will be free for new submissions.

Now that we are rounding the corner into a new year I wish you-as an editor-the best of luck in setting writing goals, in reading great books, and in finding publishing success. As a fellow human on this crazy ride we are all on I would also like to extend a hand of friendship and support. Thank you for your challenges 2017, they have made us all stronger in some way, and welcome 2018.