Issue Fourteen

Place and Movement by L. Ward Abel
Breakfast For Two by Jonathan Bracker
Family Group In Paris by Jonathan Bracker
Japanese White Eye In Plum Tree by Michael Carrino
The Incredible Shrinking Man by James Cox
Winter by Holly Day
The Last Day by Holly Day
The Routine: Glass of Water by Darren Demaree
The Routine: Spill the Water by Darren Demaree
The Routine: Leave the Towels by Darren Demaree
What a Blazing and Beautiful Exit by Sophie Dixon
Prague, 1945/1991/2015 by Jack Freeman
Oakmont by Alison Hicks
Canary in the Coal Mine by Linda Imbler
Children in the Sky by Michael Lee Johnson
Far-Flung by Rosalind Kaliden
Boat Race Practice by Evalyn Lee
Sometimes I Say… by Gregory E Lucas
Centuries by Betsy Martin
The Guest by James Miller
Dirt Angels by Suzanne O’Connell
Summer Juice by Suzanne O’Connell
Kaiserschlacht by M.P. Powers
The Smell Of Your Heart by Serena Richardson
First Day of Spring by Jordan Upshaw
Unpacking by Jordan Upshaw
Directions by Jordan Upshaw

Issue Thirteen

The Weather by Maximus Adarvé
And Speaking of Lizards by Michael Brosnan
Solving for X by Michael Brosnan
Red Sky at Night by Michael Cavanagh
White Houses by Michael Cavanagh
Shadows At Night by Natalie Crick
The Man Who Roamed the Fields by Claire Dufur
Somewhere in Arizona by Kris Fedeczko
Over the Horizon by Alex Feldman
Picasso by Gary Hill
The Lesson by Jean Howard
Fences by WK Lawrence
Inevitable Moment by WK Lawrence
The Florida House by Iris Litt
In The Painting Love by Gregory E. Lucas
Child Eyes by Stephen Mead
Written on a County Drive in My Thirty-First Year by Michael Meyerhofer
Darkling, I Listen by Charles O’Melia
Finding Pakistan in Grenoble, France by Rukhsar Palla
One Second Delay by E. F. Schraeder
So Little by Willard Stringham
How Summer Come by Micaela Walley
To Aunt Libby by Micaela Walley

Issue Twelve

Fragments for Felix by Jason Dean Arnold
always wanting by Devon Balwit
The Veterans Playing Checkers in the Park by James Cox
Steer by JD DeHart
Friends by Thomas Fucaloro
Sears Nights by Louis Gallo
If We Grow Old Together by Lana I. Ghannam
I Can Rotate by A.J. Huffman
Invisible Shells by Rob Hunter
Creating a Blank by Myrta Köhler
Murk, Wake by Kaey Liu
14 ways to approach a moon by Alina Stefanescu
Sometimes mother tells me stories by Lauren Suchenski

Issue Eleven

Strip by Daniel Aristi
Air: Thou Shalt Break Them by Anne Babson
An Ecological Conversation on Colony Collapse by Michael Bartelt
A Brutal Kind of Leaving by Lana Bella
Baseball by Michael Blair
Journey to the Seventh Planet by Ace Boggess
The Thing from Another World by Ace Boggess
Old Gods by Jason Brightwell
The Nature of Your Emergency by Michelle Brooks
Yesterday, When by Marietta Calvanico
History by Richard Carr
Ryegrass by Laton Carter
The Hands by Laton Carter
Friday Night by Emma Crookford
The Impossibleness of Abstract Representation by Holly Day
A Prayer for Lamp Light and Lost Spirit by James Diaz
Quench by Tim Gavin
Nakabandi (Blockade) by Anuja Ghimire 
Air by Mitchell Grabois
The Specialist by Mitchell Grabois
Six Year Old: Still Life with Honest Thoughts on Spaghetti by Marc-us Low
Mis Abuelos by Catherine Manning
I Want to Die…by William Miller
The Night I Quit Flossing by Tracy Mishkin
July Heat in Florida by Eileen Murphy
The Mosquitoes of Mid-Florida by Eileen Murphy
Long Shadow by Russell Rowland
Be(longing) by Shloka Shankar
Cherry Red by Carter Vance
If You Find Yourself Lonely by Carter Vance
The Alphabet-song of Our Love by Namitha Varma
Croatian Love Story by Cindy Weinberg

Issue Ten

Hotel Orlando by Jason Dean Arnold
To the Fires by Gary Beck
Julianne by Michael Carrino
Nude Male With Echo #268 by Darren Demaree
Outhouse by Robert Fillman
I Learn from My Cat by George Freek
Finale by Ann Huang
I Do Not Feel by AJ Huffman
My Father Ate His First Lobster by AJ Huffman
Halloween 2014 by Faith Kearns
Figment by Andy Macera
Like a Commercial by Andy Macera
Mango Heart by Oscar Montes
the philosopher by Eileen Murphy
Crane by Nikhil Nath
Disaster by Ellen Noonan
Tiger Cage by DM O’Connor
The Camel’s Back by Scott Thomas Outlar
October by Sonya Plenefisch
Perception Shapes Reality by Matt Prater
The Existentialist by M. Protacio-De Guzman
Dear FAA, by Hannah Rogers
In Sevilla, My Student Sings by Whitney Schultz
We Ask for Water by Whitney Schultz
The Everyday Thesaurus by Marian Shapiro
Step Back by Karen Vande Bossche
Where Stars Come From by Karen Vande Bossche
Wildcatter by Guinotte Wise

Issue Nine

Breast Nuggets by Sara Adams
Shut Up, Trevor by Sara Adams
Synchronicity by Lana Bella
16 Coyotes on a Winter Trail by Debora Black
Pebble by Aaron Brame
To the Lady who Stopped the Fistfight by Aaron Brame
On It by Marlena Chertock
how to tell a true story by Jamison Crabtree
i miss you sometimes at dusk, but not very often by Jamison Crabtree
The Wide #51 by Darren Demaree
Harold Picked a Winner by B. Diehl
History Lesson by Dawn Fable
Feeding by Sandra L. Faulkner
Like a Song by J.L. Harlow
Where Conversation Goes to Die by Aaron Henson
Blue Daydream by Trish Hopkinson
Grace by Adam Hughes
The Last Days of Discarded Heroes by Adam Hughes
Shipwrecks by Philip Kobylarz
Lover Nicotine by PJ Lombardo
The Monroe Tree by PJ Lombardo
Marshmallow Test by Andy Macera
At the End by Ed Meek
In The Corporate Conference Room by Jeff Nesheim
A Letter to my Daughter by Rosetta Peters
Little Woman by Rosetta Peters
When I Was Prey by Meggie Royer
Worm-ish by Ismael Santos
Silent Documentary by Domenic Scopa
Awakening by Shloka Shankar
Like So Many Tomorrows by Shloka Shankar
Opus by Shloka Shankar
Southward by Rebecca Siegel
The Specialties of Their Country by Rebecca Siegel
Nostalgia by Ken W. Simpson
It’s So Easy to Play a Fake Piano by Kimmy Stühlen
Roar and Clatter by Kimmy Stühlen
salt is the cure by Mark Vogel
The Trophies Say it All by Mark Vogel

Issue Eight

Lois Always Sings Off Key by Jason Dean Arnold
the fall of sakuras by April Mae Berza
Confucian Gentility: 4 Floral Haiku by Yuan Changming
Bill Mitchell’s Legacy by Carb Deliseuwe
Wednesday Morning #88 by Darren Demaree
Wednesday Morning #89 by Darren Demaree
Wednesday Morning #90 by Darren Demaree
A Man Turning Thirty by Colin Dodds
(A)Counting What Became of Us by Karie Fugett
Holiness by Mitchell Grabois
Soul by Mitchell Grabois
Not Roses by Nels Hanson
Shoulda Woulda Coulda by Karen Paul Holmes
Range by Sid Orange
The Only Woman I Ever Loved by Madeline Schwartz
Each Spring by Carol Smallwood
Falling Leaves by Carol Smallwood
Kitchen Prophecies by Amanda Tumminaro

Double Issue Six and Seven

Impressive Child by Ashley Boswell
This is the… by R. S. Carlson
Millionaire Existentialism by Nick D’Annunzio Jones
Reader-Response Theory by Nick D’Annunzio Jones
Floating Cactus by J.D. DeHart
Melon by J.D. DeHart
Perfect Circles by J.D. DeHart
Everyones by Timothy Gorichanaz
In Parks by Timothy Gorichanaz
So Your Dog Poops by Timothy Gorichanaz
Birch by Mark Nenadov
The Possum by Mark Nenadov
Writing with Cold Coffee, Bourbon & Cigarettes by Stanley Noah
Left Behind by Nicholas Petrone
Karate Jesus by Jess Provencio
Mauve Ballet by Steven Santroni
Cat by Catherine Simpson
Jack Johnson by Catherine Simpson
Dog in a Car With Alaska Plates by J.R. Solonche
Field Mouse by J.R. Solonche
Neighborly by J.R. Solonche
Then and Now by Peter Victor
crab on its back by William Wright Harris

Issue Five

Golem A- Go- Go by Schüler Benson
Literary Characters that Got Screwed by the Man by Aaron Brame
Evening by Holly Day
If We Were Close by Holly Day
Crack! by Louis Del Grosso
Hour One by Kristina England
The Rumors are True by Kristina England
The Museum of Happy Endings by Andy Macera
Yearbook by Andy Macera
Because Second by April Salzano
My Autistic Son Left the Toilet Seat Up by April Salzano
Without Plot by April Salzano

Issue Four

B by Colin Dodds
We Catalog Each Tree in the Forest Before We Burn It Down by Amber Edmondson
post [maternal] by Sam Eliot
Continent by Mitchell Grabois
Too Early For Blueberries by PD Lyons
Contractions by Amber McMains
Rain Check by Amber McMains
Red Menace by Amber McMains
Sisters of Privilege by Amber McMains
Tunnel Vision by Carrie Padian
See Saw by Janeen Rastall

Issue Three

Glance At Beauty by Steven Baba
A Haiku About Cannibalism by Sam Bernhofer
Haunted by Jason Brightwell
All Evening by Julie Brooks Barbour
To a Spider by Julie Brooks Barbour
the sun woke up today by Sarah Farrant
Man Praying in a Men’s Room by Paul Hostovsky
Driving in the Sniper Scope’s Zoom by Eric T. Marin
The Shedding of Skin by Afzal Moolla
Disconnect by Joanna Ngai
How Much Better by Emily Strauss
No Need to Speak by Mark Vogel

Issue Two

On Jeans vs. Skirts by Meg Eden
Letterbox, With Spider by Christine Gosnay
Slow Cooking by Christine Gosnay
The Great Mouse by David M. Harris
Tanguy’s Loneliness by William Wright Harris
On the Sill by Larry Jordan
After the Dollhouse by Andy Macera
Quietus by Andy Macera
Not That Poem by Bruce McRae
Because by Douglas Richardson
Becoming by Douglas Richardson
After by Kat White
File Footage by Heather Wyatt
Phonism by Changming Yuan

Issue One

The Salmon by L. Ward Abel
Urge by L. Ward Abel
Trial by Jessica Barksdale
Night Watch by Jessica Barksdale
Ocean Beach by Jessica Barksdale
A Hipster Yelled Timber by Sam Bernhofer
Bus Stop by Warren Buchholz
Regret by Meghan Cadwallader
Cut the Cord by Matt Galletta
Jackfruit by Peter Goodwin
Plural by David Hernquist
distant hill by Ed Higgins
star struck by Brian Hood
Corn by Heather Holliger
half moon by Paul Hostovsky
Her Ear by Paul Hostovsky
Iguanas by Margaret S. Mullins
Place by Aline Soules
Apology by Adrienne Wallner