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Straight Forward: A Poetry Journal

straight |strāt|


not evasive; honest : a straight answer | thank you for being straight with me.

• simple; straightforward : a straight choice between nuclear power and penury.

• (of a look) bold and steady : he gave her a straight, no-nonsense look.

• (of thinking) clear, logical, and unemotional.

forward |ˈfôrwərd|

adverb (also forwards)

onward so as to make progress; toward a successful conclusion : there’s no way forward for the relationship.

• into a position of prominence or notice : he is pushing forward a political ally.

 straightforward |ˌstrātˈfôrwərd|


uncomplicated and easy to do or understand : in a straightforward case no fees will be charged.

• (of a person) honest and frank : a straightforward young man.

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