Issue Fourteen

We are starting February with the newest issue of Straight Forward Poetry. This new year, and new issue, is a chance for us to jumpstart our passion for writing and for sharing the art that we love. I have had a challenging winter, giving birth to my son in September, having abdominal surgery in December, and then slogging through everyone in our house having the flu. Through all of that I found solace, passion, comfort, and joy in our poets’ submissions. It may have taken me longer than usual to put out this issue, but I am especially attached to it. Whether it be the bleak beauty of James Cox’s “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” the same maternal feelings I now have for my son that I see Holly Day’s “The Last Day,” or the embrace of the mundane in Darren Demaree’s triptych I kept finding and losing myself in these poems. May you also be so lucky as to find and lose something in a beautiful poem.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to poets L. Ward Abel, Jonathan Bracker, Michael Carrino, James Cox,Holly Day, Darren Demaree, Sophie Dixon, Jack Freeman, Alison Hicks, Linda Imbler, Michael Lee Johnson, Rosalind Kaliden, Evalyn Lee, Gregory E Lucas, Betsy Martin, James Miller, Suzanne O’Connell, M.P. Powers, Serena Richardson, and Jordan Upshaw. This issues also features photography from Fabrice Poussin.

This issue, along with all of our back issues, can be purchased though our shop with immediate downloads, or from our website.


Issue 16 of Straight Forward Poetry is proud to present poets Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, Warren Buchholz, Thomas Fucaloro, Benjamin Harnett, Elisabeth H. Meyer, Ted Millar, Luz Pinilla, Curtis Pierce, and Alita Pirkopf. To accompany our poets we have photos provided by Erik Burdett and Keith Moul. Like all of our issues this is a nice mix of familiar friends and new poets, each of which bring new heart and clarity. Please enjoy and consider submitting to be a member of our Straight Forward family.



SFP Issue 14 Cover

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