Back From Maternity Leave

Hello there Straight Forward family! Just writing to let everyone know that starting this weekend I’ll be reading and responding to all of your submissions and requests. We had our little boy September 1st and I’ve taken this time to get our family (parents, 3 year old, and dogs alike) adjusted to our new little fella.

As always I am excited to see your poems, read your manuscripts, and share with you the writing that has been generously submitted. We are also back for more book reviews, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your newest writing.

Beyond babies and books I also had the opportunity to speak at the Castle Rock Writers Conference. During the small group workshop we discussed ways to approach formal poetry in a contemporary, friendly way. Too many new poets are afraid to dive into formal verse, but hopefully some of the participants walked away more open minded to the beauty of the sonnet. In addition to the great people I was also handed several books as thankful, one of which is called Poetry for People Who Don’t Like Poetry, a self published venture by Joyce P. Wilson. I admire people who are willing to jump out and publish on their own and I look forward to reading her book in my free time.

During my maternity leave I did have the opportunity to read two books on poetry that I can’t recommend enough. If you are in need of some craft type books please pick up Why Poetry by Matthew Zapruder and You, Too, Could Write a Poem by David Orr.

Anyway, I am glad to be back at it and am looking forward to reading submissions!

Lindsey Lewis Smithson


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