Lucky Number Thirteen

I am excited to announce that we have now published Issue Thirteen! We had so many quality submissions this time around that this issue is nearly double the size of Issue Twelve.

Beyond the sheer number of fantastic submissions this time we are also featuring almost exclusively poets who have never appeared in Straight Forward before. I love our regular submitters and am often drawn to their work, but this time around a wonderful bevy of new faces have made themselves known. I want to warmly welcome them to the SFP family.

This time around our poets are Maximus Adarvé, Michael Brosnan, Michael Brosnan, Michael Cavanagh, Natalie Crick, Claire Dufur, Kris Fedeczko, Alex Feldman, Gary Hill, Jean Howard, WK Lawrence, Iris Litt, Gregory E. Lucas, Stephen Mead, Michael Meyerhofer, Charles O’Melia, Rukhsar Palla, E. F. Schraeder, Willard Stringham, Micaela Walley, along with photographers Jim Zola and Jason Lewis.

As always we remain open for submissions of poetry and photography year round- creativity doesn’t follow a calendar and neither does our submission window. You can also submit work of various lengths for our editing services, which has been pretty busy for the first half of 2017.

I hope that while reading Issue Thirteen you find something surprising, something beautiful, something that resonates with you. And I hope, in turn, you find a way to put that feeling back out in to the world.



Lindsey Lewis Smithson

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