Spring into Issue Twelve

After some unexpected delays Issue Twelve is ready for reading! This issue, which considered poets from June until December 2016 features poets Jason Dean Arnold, Devon Balwit, James Cox, JD DeHart, Thomas Fucaloro, Louis Gallo, Lana I. Ghannam, A.J. Huffman, Rob Hunter, Myrta Köhler, Kaey Liu, Alina Stefanescu, and Lauren Suchenski along with photographer Sarah Diamond Burroway. Some of these names are familiar from previous issues, while others are new members of our SFP family. We always welcome continuing contributors along with new voices, since the goal here is to publish great poetry, no matter who it is from.

Along with the new names this time around we are also proud to include poets from 3 different countries, and the largest percentage of women in a single issue. We read blind, so age, name, sex, or location never come into play in the selection process and as such it warms my heart to see a wide variety of poets being represented. I hope that our small magazine continues to grow and to showcase new and diverse voices with each opportunity we get.

For the future I do plan on having the next issue out on time, near of the end of June. This last issue was delayed because of some rather extreme first trimester sickness on my part. I was, most days, too tired and sick to do much more than keep my house and family functional; I didn’t have any extra juice in the tank to run the magazine, sadly. Now that I’m past the rough part hopefully the train can keep moving and I can keep sharing the fantastic poets who, in such big hearted fashion, continue to trust me with their poetry.

I hope you enjoy Issue Twelve. I enjoyed reading the submissions and crafting this to share with you.


Lindsey Lewis Smithson

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