Welcome to the World, Issue Eleven

Without further ado, here is the glorious 11th Issue of Straight Forward Poetry.

SFP Issue 11 Cover

This time around we are featuring poets Daniel Aristo, Anne Babson, Michael Bartelt, Lana Bella, Michael Blair, Ace Boggess, Jason Brightwell, Michelle Brooks, Marietta Calvanico, Richard Carr, Laton Carter, Emma Crookford, Holly Day, James Diaz, Tim Gavin, Anuja Ghimire, Mitchell Grabois, Marc Low, Catherine Manning, William Miller, Tracy Mishkin, Eileen Murphy, Russell Rowland, Shloka Shankar, Carter Vance, Namitha Varma, and Cindy Weinberg. We also have photographers Michelle Brooks, AJ Huffman, Myrta Köhler, and Rebecca O’Bern.

This group of poets has been kind, patient, and beyond talented. We were also able to include many poets who had requested notes on their submissions. Half of the joy of this job is being able to poems evolve into their powerful final selfs.

Please visit our Etsy store to check out this issue, and all of our back issues.

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