A July Update

Now that we’ve past the mid year mark, hard our BBQ cookouts, and set off as many fireworks as our pay check would allow it is time to get back down to the business of poetry!

Here at SFP we are working on a handful of new and hopefully positive developments. First we will now be returning notes to submitters using the new iPad, which allows us to write directly on the poems and to return them much faster. The biggest time consumer of doing line by line feedback is the lag/drag/frustration that is part of the Track Changes feature on both Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. With the iPad and the Pen we can write on the digital copies and get back to the beauty that is crafting writing by hand. I personally edit all of my work by hand, and this is how I preferred my notes while earning my MFA. There is something beautiful and humanizing about a person’s own handwriting interacting with the text. While we don’t have the system perfected yet, I do hope that in the future this can continue to build the wonderful relationships we have with the huge number of you have have requested Notes on Your Submissions. This has become my favorite part of the job and I love each of one for trusting me with your poems.

I am also in the process of determining the best course forward on adding a book imprint to our family of services. Right now you can submit to the magazine, you can get edits on your submissions, and you are get your entire book looked over, but we still can’t help you make that book dream a reality. In the coming months I will be offering myself up as the test dummy (key word dummy) on a press option to see if it is both the best choice for our poets and for the future of Straight Forward Poetry. I don’t want to put something out that is less than the best I can offer to writers and to the long term stability of what we already do.

But, in the mean time I have a few more notices to send out on Issue 11, but the bulk of things have been accepted or rejected and now the work begins on individual review sheets and layout. As per the norm I am human, and I work mostly alone, and I’ve got a kid who tends to get sick whenever I have work that must be done, so bear with me as July rolls on. But I’m here, as always, excited to see what you send in, pleased to offer what assistance I can, and proud to share what has been accepted.

Happy July to all of you!


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