Summer Update

Or, what we do when we are not publishing kick ass poetry.

Right now we are still- as ALWAYS- taking submissions. We read year round. Honestly. Creativity can strike at any time and we want to be ready for you when you have something you’d like to share. We are still publishing twice a year, once in June and once in December.

Issue Nine, along with our back Issues, are still all for sale in our store. Take a gander through our offerings, you might find your next favorite beach (pool, bed, shaded tree, wherever) read.

We are also still doing book reviews for The Next Best Book Club. We just put up our review of A Week with Beijing, along with a few Sci-Fi recommendations. Some absolutely amazing books have shown up here, so be ready.

Straight Forward Editing is now in full swing. We’ve got a chapbook on the desk for edits as I’m writing this. Remember, we also consider poems from ALL Straight Forward Editing poetry submissions for publication. It actually is a pretty nifty twofer; you get detailed notes and the possibility of publication. The Straight Forward Editing site also has guidelines for submitting fiction and nonfiction for edits.

I am also excited to announce that I have been picked up to write for the Barnes and Noble Kids Blog. A couples of times a month I will be sharing my lists, suggestions, quizzes and general favorites in the kids book world. My first post should be up sometime this week!

In addition to all of that (I know, there’s more), I have joined the site Medium where I am making it my goal to publish at least one personal essay a month. I used to think that I would write and publish my personal nonfiction for money, but then I realized that I wasn’t writing it to make money. I was writing nonfiction because it was something that I needed to do for me. If you want to read, comment, or share, you are more than welcome to.

This is all basically to say that Straight Forward Poetry is still here for you, now even more ways that ever before. Read, submit, enjoy.

Thanks everyone!




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