Poetry Favorites: Aaron Brame

Who is your favorite living poet?

Right now, I’d say it’s Ron Rash. Ask me this time tomorrow, and it will probably be different.
Who is your favorite dead poet?
Virgil. I find myself returning to The Aeneid day after day.
What is your favorite poem of all time?
“Hope is the Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson. I am a teacher, and I try to teach this poem to every group of students that comes into my classroom. It doesn’t matter if I’m teaching American literature, British literature, mythology, or current events–I will always find an excuse to share this poem with my students. Young people are adept at hiding the struggles and tragedies in their lives, and I want them to hear Dickinson’s words about the little bird that keeps so many warm.
Current book of poetry you can’t get out of your mind?
I never travel far without Traci Brimhall’s Our Lady of the Ruin. It’s simply inspiring.
 Best live, or audio, poetry reading you can remember.
Have you heard W. B. Yeats recite “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”? Stentorious!
Aaron Brame is a poet and teacher living in Memphis, Tennessee. His work has appeared most recently in Kindred and Pembroke Magazine.

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