National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month!

Now, I’m sure we’ve all seen the articles celebrating, or decrying, National Poetry Month. April is either the month in which poetry is brought to the forefront for the general novel reading public’s mind, or it is yet another way to confine poetry- it’s only for academics, it’s only read in April, it’s not for everyone, yada yada yada.

I prefer to celebrate, not to worry and ponder and harp. I love poetry. I think we should have poetry in our lives everyday. There are many fantastic collections in our past and there is wonderful engaging poetry being written this very second. It should all be recognized, whenever we have the opportunity to do so. In support of that idea, that we take time to recognize what we love in our poetic past and what we are helplessly falling in love with in our present, I have asked many of our friends, contributors, and supporters to share the poetry that they love.

Everyday in April we will be sharing Poetry Favorites from writers, publishers and performers. Each post will have links to purchase the books mentioned, and at the end of the month we will share our Ultimate Poetry Shopping List. Each purchase from the posts will serve as a fundraiser for our future contests and issues- Amazon (I know. I know… just wait) will be giving us 4% (approximately $0.50) per purchase.

For those of you who take umbrage with Amazon, which I respect, the Shopping List will provide additional ways to purchase the books listed, including links to publishers and authors. While I appreciate and am thankful for any support that we get during this month, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to patronize a company they have issue with. Instead, I want to focus on supporting poetry. Every purchase shows the authors, publishers, readers, distributors and the greater reading world that we love poetry, that we read poetry, and that poetry has value.

Additionally, we would like to offer a 25% discount towards any issue of Straight Forward for the month of April. Use the code APRILREADERS in our online store and enjoy one of our previous eight issues.

In the spirit of love, support and the collective passion we share for poetry, let’s all take this month to revisit great poets and surround ourselves with the best verse with can find.

Again, happy National Poetry Month, sincerely,

Lindsey Lewis Smithson

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