Issue Eight is Almost Alive

Happy December Straight Forward Family! I realize I’ve been lapse in keeping many of you updated and for that I apologize. I do come bearing great tidings of joy however, Issue 8 has been sent to our distributor. This issue includes poets Jason Dean Arnold, April Mae Berza, Yuan Changming, Carb Deliseuwe, Darren Demaree, Colin Dodds, Karie Fugett, Mitchell Grabois, Nels Hanson, Karen Paul Holmes, Sid Orange, Madeline Schwartz, Carol Smallwood, and Amanda Tumminaro. We also have art from photographers Tamra Carraer, Symanntha Renn and Roman Sirotin.

Starting in January we will be offering a manuscript consulting service. This will launch small, providing submitters the option to pay a small fee to receive detailed notes back on their submissions. In the coming months this will be expanding to cover chapbooks and full length books of poetry. In my personal experience it is hard to get honest, intelligent, focused feedback on your poetry outside of an academic setting. I would like to help poets find that unbiased support for their writing at an extremely reasonable fee. We will share all of the details for this once they are ready.

Also in January we’ll list full PDF versions of every issue on Etsy, Initially we were going to list every issue on Amazon, but the formatting requirements for the Kindle ereaders presented many problems and forced me to compromise the nature of the magazine. By selling PDFs directly on Etsy to readers I can maintain the original formatting and heart of the magazine. I spent many hours trying to reformat and reimagine each issue when I realized that we should not try to erase or  gloss over our bumps and stretch marks. Each issue has some small flaws, but it is our flaws and beauty marks that make us real and relatable.

Once the new issue is live I will share a link to LitRagger, and when it is available on Etsy the details will be listed. Congratulations to our poets, our photographers, and to everyone who was generous enough to submit. And thank you to our readers, who are kind enough to give us some of their time.

SFP 8 Cover

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