Spring Double Issue

Now that we are celebrating Spring in full here in Maryland we are releasing a Double Issue of Straight Forward Poetry! With twenty three poems from fourteen poets, and four photos from two photographers, this is our largest regular issue yet.

SFP Spring Issue Cover

We’ve had major changes here at the helm. The new baby has added some interesting challenges to our publishing process, but we are as dedicated as ever to our readers, submitters and our friends. To serve everyone in the fullest way possible we are adjusting our publication schedule. Instead of four smaller issues we will now be releasing two larger issues a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. We will still be publishing the same number of poets and the same number of poems, just reorganized into two issues, not four.

In concert with that we are adjusting our subscription prices. Individual issues will remain at $3.99, which is an even better deal since you’ll be getting more poems for your dollar. One year subscriptions have moved to $6.99, and two year subscriptions to $10.99. If you purchase as subscription and email us at straightforwardpoetry@gmail.com with a proof of purchase we will send you a personalized goodie bag just to say thanks, and welcome, to our happy little SFP family.

Right now the Spring Double issue is in the capable hands of our distributer, LitRagger. You can pick the issue up on the app right now! During this week we will be sharing links on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, in addition to our website. Please read and enjoy, and I personally can’t wait to here from you!


Lindsey Lewis Smithson

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