And We’re Back

I’d like to start this post by thanking everyone who has stuck around, submitted poems and photos, purchased issues, and sent emails. I am humbled to be a part of a generous poetry community.

On December 18th my husband and I welcomed home our lovely daughter. The last month and a half of my pregnancy was really trying and sadly many things, including my beloved Straight Forward, fell in the cracks. Now that I have her shining face, and the many sleepless hours she is providing me, I am gladly back at work, making a journal that can do our submitters proud.

Proofing copies are going out soon, and many new acceptance and rejection letters are in the mail. Marathon feedings at 3am provide a terrific time to read submissions, so don’t be surprised by the odd hours emails are showing up!

Two new book reviews are also in the works with more pending. This year we will be opening up submissions for book reviews, the guidelines and details are forthcoming.

Again, thank you for standing by us while we experience literal, and digital, growing pains.




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