AWP Hangover

It’s been a week since AWP 13, my first physical trek into the big wonderful literary world.

There are other sites doing great conference reviews, so I’ll skip that (you can check out my thoughts as they happened on our twitter), but I will make a blanket thank you to everyone who was on a panel. I am an education junkie!

There were also so many generous, funny, talented and kind hearted presses and journals at the book fair. In a few days I will post the full schedule of Dog Eared Book Reviews we have lined up.

In an effort to spread the word about all the great programs out there I have mailed out postcards from these presses, MFAs and journals to our Issue Four authors. If you get one share the love: submit, subscribe, follow. AWP really showed me, more than anything, that we all need to support this literary ecosystem we love. I will be updating our links as well to reflect the interesting groups I met.

On a business note, the cover for Issue Four is done. The poets included will hear from me in the next 14 days to go over proofing copies and to get bios and author photos.

We have also applied for an ISSN, which will eventually be applied to all issues. Once we have that we will look into expanding our sales. As of now Issue Four will be distributed only on LiRagger. The 2012 Antholgoy is also still there if you have not had a chance to read it yet.

Happy Friday. Happy Poeting.

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