Schnikes, It’s Been a Busy Year

Happy End of the Year poetry lovers and Mayan Apocalypse survivors (is that still a thing we’re talking about, or is it already passé?).

2012 has been an amazing year for Straight Forward Poetry, and I’m not afraid to say it. In our first year of operation we have accepted 45 poems and 22 photos, published three different Issues, sent out way too many emails, been reviewed by NewPages, and had quite a bit of fun. We have also had over 9200 page views since we launched, which still has me floored.

Straight Forward runs on a shoe string budget out of my upstairs office on a single computer, fueled by the coffee percolator on my stove. We are currently buoyed by you, our readers, submitters, friends, twitter pals, and casual liaisons. There is a beautiful segment of the poetry world that wants to read poetry simply to enjoy it, not to dig for meaning and write a thesis on the subtle use of white space. Thesis writing is great, and so is white space, but being in the moment of a poem matters more in the long run. At least to us. And apparently to you as well.

There are some big changes coming to Straight Forward. Despite the changes I am not going to deviate from you, from publishing poetry that everyone can grasp and love. We aren’t the largest magazine, and never will be, but we are here for you.

Thank for reading and for submitting. Thank you for following as we moved across county, for understanding when we got behind, and for sticking with us in the future.


Lindsey Lewis Smithson

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