Ending Up in Maryland

Running an online poetry journal from home on a falling apart macbook is quite possibly my favorite thing to do. I love reading submissions, tracking down photos, toying with margins, and sharing poetry that I’ve fallen in love with with the world.

The downside to hosting this operation out of my spare bedroom (dubbed the Library) is that when life gets too big everything has to shift around. My husband and I found out three weeks ago that we have to move to Maryland this November. The timing collided exactly with the most crucial work of putting Issue 3 together– the final acceptances and the time consuming layout work.

To ensure that Issue 3 is of an equal, or even better quality, I did decide to delay it a month. Issue 3 will be out October 3. If you have poetry or photography that you would like to have considered for this issue you must submit before Wednesday, September 19th. Everything submitted after that date will be considered for Issue 4, which will go live in mid-December.

If you want to follow along with my exploits as I pack up my life in Southern California and trek across county to Maryland you can do so on my nifty new Tumblr page, How the Hell Did I End Up In Maryland.

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