We’re Showing our Cards

With Issue One due out in a week here is a list of things that you’ll learn about us:

1) What kind of poetry we love.

We might say “hey, we like plain spoken poetry,” but it is entirely another thing to see, to read, what it is we have accepted. The Assistant Editor and I have even been surprised by some of the things we’ve loved and some of the poems we have passed on.  For the first issue we know many of you were throwing things at the wall hoping something would stick. Now you’ll be able to read an issue and throw better, more appropriately chosen, things at us.

2) How we plan to use our photography. And, well, just how the thing is going to look.

Being an online magazine provides us with so much freedom and we want to take advantage of that. Since our money is limited (read non existent), if we had decided to do print issues they would be black and white and thin and dull. Because it costs us so little to put this project online we can make each issue colorful, interactive, and engaging. As we grow each issue will be more polished, but this first issue should show that we love what we do and what we publish.

3) What matters.

Yeah, that is a vague statement, but it’s true. We value poetry, we value pleasing visuals. We like chatty interviews, we like our poets.

4) Who we actually are.

Again, a little vague, but also true. As some people have pointed out, our names have yet to really appear anywhere. I know that some of you know who we are, and we haven’t gone out of our way to not say our names, but we wanted this thing to get going on it’s own. We love our friends dearly, but it was important, in an odd personal way, that this get a life of it’s own before anyone helped it along. A magazine should be bigger than the players, it should have it’s own personality, and for Straight Forward to get that I felt like to needed to live on it’s own for a while. But don’t worry, it isn’t a gimmick, our names will be in the issue.

5) That we are here for the long haul.

Hopefully the time and effort and love that has gone into this project shows, and if not hopefully Issue One will change opinions. We’re not a fold up and move on kind of magazine that will drop you like a bad date from match.com. We’re going to be around for a while and we want to prove that.

6) That this has been fun so far, from submissions, to twitter, to margins. A large part of that is due to you. Pinky Promise.

Full of Win

My "I'm working'" attitude.

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