We’re Almost There

In bursts and halts we have been working on the layout for our inaugural issue. We have 19 new poems and 5 photos from submitters, and they look completely yummy.

I knew that starting this magazine would be a learning process from every angle, whether it be business, promotion, or technical knowledge. We are only 4 months into this journey and I am surprised by the things that I am coming to love. Like layout and design for instance. I have no training as a graphic designer; I have an MFA in poetry. Given this, I never would have thought that I could spend hours thinking about margins and font, and ENJOY it. Of late I have become so engrossed in the technical, graphic, aspect of this magazine that I am toying with the notation of getting a web design, or graphic design, certificate to supplement my MFA. I also want to buy some super cool software.

Along the way I have been reading, researching, and asking loads of questions about e-publishing too. There seems to be a growing body of knowledge on publishing prose this way, but is it more difficult to find information on poetry. As much as I love the internet, I have a deep relationship with the printed word. To bridge this gap I am looking at two different avenues to get Straight Forward out to the masses. For our online reading pleasure I am going to be working with issuu, but I am also flirting with putting a free version up on iBooks, using the iBooks Author software, for readers to download and carry around.

As I have stressed along the way, and as this post is categorized, this magazines is a process. I am learning as I go, and I am learning from what all of you love. We are here to share great poetry in an easy to access fashion. If you can’t read it, we will try to fix that.

That’s it for tonight, tomorrow we have copy editing to do and an ongoing tryst with margins that waits for no man.


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