Submission Update: January 2012

As the first week of January comes to a close I want to provide all of our readers and followers with a quick update on submissions.

To date we have had 105 poetry submissions, many of which had more than one poem in the submission. Everyone who submitted before 12/30/11 has been contacted about their poetry. In the next few days we will tackle the submissions that have come in since.

Of the 105 submissions, which we figure totals about 300 individual poems, we have accepted 17 so far. We are very proud of the 17 and are hoping for at least 3 more to make it a nice round number in the March 2012 issue.

We have also had 21 photography submissions. If you have submitted a photo we will be in contact with you next week.

If you have yet to submit, remember, we read year round, and our second issue will be out in June of 2012.

Thanks, everyone, for reading, submitting and supporting us!

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