Nerd Camp

Since Friday I have had the pleasure of attending UCR Palm Desert’s Low Res MFA Residency week; aka nerd camp for those of us in the know. This is the program that I earned my MFA from, but I was invited back to talk about publishing with some of the students. You would think that being surrounded by writers all week, in the lovely Palm Springs, listening to lectures and meeting super nice people would be relaxing, that I would be able to get shit done.

Not so much. 11 months out of the year I’m quite the introvert, but something about the energy of writers, or the collective creative juices that are flowing, brings out my social side and just wipes me out. I love these people, and I feel smarter simply sitting at the same lunch table as them. That said, I want to sleep for a month.

The pay off of this long lead up is this: I’m a tad behind on your submissions and your emails and in returning the lovely thoughts I know some of you are sending me. A man much more grounded than I has reminded me to return to what makes me happy, and that is here, this journal. And your submissions. And you.

Tonight I will have a big glass of white wine, read a few of my newest poems, and pour out some verse for my homies.

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