To Facebook or Not to Facebook

This past weekend my husband took me away on a wine tasting trip. The landscape was refreshing and inspiring. I wanted to stand outside and absorb every bit of my surroundings–the hills, the vineyards, the trees.

Unfortunately I also wanted to check my email on my phone at almost every stop as well. I caught myself, more than once, riding in the car past wineries and landmarks with my face glued to my phone. I have a personal facebook, a personal twitter I never use, and an email account (obviously). Like most, people I also have an email address to manage for the job that pays me, along with it’s twitter, facebook and blog. Add on the email, website, and twitter for straight forward and it can be a lot to absorb.

For me, as a web active writer and editor, I think that it is important to see what is going on, to read the popular (and obscure) articles, and to connect with writers and fellow journals. Ideally I want to be engaged in the community and the conversation without becoming overexposed and pushy–or worse–annoying.

This brings me to the dilemma. Should straight forward have a facebook page? There are many pros to facebook. You are allowed a fuller connection with friends and followers, you can create a small world on your page, and the experience is more immersive than twitter.

Sadly, facebook can become a time vampire and a popularity contest, encouraging people to take more than than they share. Facebook feeds my bad habits as well. I am a workaholic, a bad one. Sometimes I miss the vineyards without ever knowing it. Is it worth it to add more facebook time to the pile?

Beyond my personal hang up and feelings, does anyone feel closer to a journal on facebook? Is it too much to have updates about blog entries ad publication dates and submission guidelines on your Wall? Or do you follow journals on facebook and use that as your main source of information? What is the role of facebook for an author? An editor? A journal?

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