The Voice

I am a self-conscience blogger and I often over analyze my presence for flaws and social missteps. I blog, and use facebook and twitter, as part of my job almost daily. Often I spend more time thinking about the impression I am making than the work I am doing. There is this need to be hyper conscience today, to worry how everyone perceives every word. It can be debilitating if you take it to heart.

My husband and I went out to lunch and he was on my phone looking over some of the previous notes that I had posted here. He saw that I did not capitalize the beginnings of my sentences while I did capitalize proper nouns. “It really bothers me that you do that,” he said as he dipped his fries into the chili on his hot dog. I tried to justify why I left the proper nouns capitalized but nothing else. Just like my Boca Burger, my arguments were not substantive.

While starting this website, and in creating the materials for the pages, I was more concerned about creating a relaxed tone, fretting over whether poets would accept this space. I did not stop to consider the need to also bow to convention for ease of understanding and general acceptance.

I feel that my husband is right. This journal, in both the poetry I publish and the text I post, should not force impressions. The less distraction and noise you throw around the less often you have to stand on the defensive. To be clear and to be simple is to be free.

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