Learning Curve

Today has been a fantastic day for straight forward. In three days we have had eleven poetry submissions come in and we accepted our first photo submission. Several writers are now following our blog and our twitter. We are also up to 562 page views, which, for what I was expecting, is amazing.

There is no handbook for how to create an online journal from scratch, so launching this has been a labor of love and of assumed knowledge. There have been many things I think I have done pretty well, but the best improvements have been brought about by the questions and requests. Thank you to all of the followers, visitors, emails and twitter messages that have raised questions.

Because of our readers’ input we now have a sign-up button to receive emails about our blog. The submission guidelines have also been altered. We will consider previously published poetry, as long as the information about that publication is provided at the time of submission.

Adrienne Wallner is the first photographer to have a picture accepted. Her photo, “Winter View,” is part of our rotating header file and will appear from time to time as visitors navigate our website. Please keep the photography coming, we love it.

More than anything thank you readers, visitors, submitters, Duotrope (for listing us), CRWROPPS-B (for listing us), and question askers. Each day, with each interaction, this journal will become a better place for straightforward poetry.

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