Poetry Favorites: Coconut Books 2015

Editor’s Note: It has come to our attention that Coconut Books is currently on hiatus. It is sad that a flurry of unsubstantiated  rumors has brought a reputable press that has featured many poets who are active, positive, supportive members of our community. My thoughts are with Coconut and their authors. At this time I am unsure if preorders will still be sold,… Read More Poetry Favorites: Coconut Books 2015

Poetry Favorites: The Best American Poetry 2015

A seminal favorite, the newest Best America Poetry will be out September 8th. The premier anthology of contemporary American poetry continues with an exceptional volume edited by award-winning novelist and poet Sherman Alexie. Since its debut in 1988, The Best American Poetry has become a mainstay for the direction and spirit of American poetry. Each volume in… Read More Poetry Favorites: The Best American Poetry 2015

Poetry Favorites: Sundress to Publish Three New Titles in 2015-2016

If you are planning your summer reading check out Amorak Huey’s Ha Ha Thump from our friends at Sundress Publications. Amorak Huey, a former newspaper editor and reporter, teaches writing at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. His chapbook, The Insomniac Circus, is forthcoming from Hyacinth Girl Press. His poems appear in the anthologies The Best American Poetry… Read More Poetry Favorites: Sundress to Publish Three New Titles in 2015-2016

Poetry Favorites: Jessica Goodfellow

Who is your favorite living poet?  Anne Carson (with close runner-up Cole Swensen) Who is your favorite dead poet?  Inger Christensen  What is your favorite poem of all time?   Today the answer is Li-Young Lee’s “One Heart” (but it could be a different answer tomorrow). You can read it here: http://www.poetrysociety.org/psa/poetry/poetry_in_motion/atlas/stlouis/one_heart/ Current book of poetry you… Read More Poetry Favorites: Jessica Goodfellow